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The Nine Catfish News Nuggets You Need To Know!

Today's Nine News Nuggets are a little bit different. We're making them catfish nuggets in honor of Magic City Kitchen in Atlanta! When all of this is over and we can travel again, we hope to make to Magic City for the wings and the catfish nuggets.

Yes it is a strip club, but we want that food! Just take a look at that menu:

Now, without further ado, here are the Nine Catfish News Nuggets You Need To Know!

Honorable Mention - The Anglerfish Deleted Its Immune System to Fuse With Its Mate

9 - RI mistakenly sent 176 tax refunds signed by ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Walt Disney’

8 - South Korean tries washing money over virus fears, suffers loss

7 - Human sperm roll like 'playful otters' as they swim, study finds, contradicting centuries-old beliefs

6 - Wife Erupts Upon Interrupting Husband's Tryst

5 - Scandal strikes 'Tour de France of pigeon racing' as 11 birds die

4 - Lackawanna woman died as she lived: hating Tom Brady

3 - Wheelchair basketball player contemplating leg amputation to continue international career

2 - Man's blocked bowel 'explodes' after he ate a big bowl of dumplings before doctors save him in emergency surgery

1 -Man who lost penis to blood infection has new one built on his arm

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