The Jesus Christ Show is heard Sundays 6-9am.

Neil Saavedra is host/producer of The Jesus Christ Show, an interactive radio theater experience designed to engage and inspire listeners and callers to learn more about themselves and the historical person of Jesus Christ. 

Saavedra is also host and producer of The Fork Report, KFI’s favorite program for foodies featuring chef interviews, recipes, cooking tips and tricks, must-eat recommendations and more. The program airs Saturdays from 2 -5 p.m. PT. Throughout his career, he has received numerous industry honors and accolades including winning a Golden Foodie award for Best Food Radio Show (2014) and for Best Food Influencer (2015); plus, a nomination for Best Food Instagram from L.A. Weekly and Best Radio Personality from OC Weekly. In addition to his two radio programs, Saavedra serves as Assistant Program Director at KFI.

Born into a large family of seven kids and raised in Southern California, Saavedra started his career in radio in January 1990. Armed with a desire to defend truth and his varied studies of logic, theology, philosophy and religion, Saavedra embarked on his first radio show. Answers with Shield of Faith, a one-hour question and answer program, teamed Saavedra with partner Bobby Lownsdale on Ventura's premiere Christian radio station, KDAR 98.3 FM.

Throughout the early ‘90s, Saavedra continued to answer people’s tough questions dealing with God and religion. In addition to bringing Answers with Shield of Faith to other Christian stations in the southland such as KKLA 99.5 FM and KBRT 740 AM, Saavedra was a frequent guest on several other radio programs including The Greg Koukl Show and Duffy and Company. He joined KFI AM 640/Los Angeles in March 1994 as an intern before launching The Jesus Christ Show on the station.

In addition his radio work, Saavedra occasionally lectures and teaches at various churches and schools on everything from live Q& A to logic and religious philosophy. This is in line with his undying love to share with others what some have kindly shared with him.

Saavedra first studied Catholic apologetics at Saint Pascal's Day School in Thousand Oaks, Calif., then Protestant Apologetics at Chalcedon Christian Academy, where he studied topics such as critical thinking, Theology and general Apologetics. Saavedra has also taken supplemental courses on the cults, Hebrew, the Trinity and general Apologetics at schools such as Simon Greenleaf University (Trinity School of Law) in Southern California and School of the Oaks in Westlake Village, Calif.

Saavedra refers to himself a "self taught lay apologist," not because he hasn't been taught anything from wonderful teachers (he has), but because although he has warmed the seats of many a classroom, he currently holds no degrees (and he hates when people try and sound more educated than they actually are).

Beyond the mic, Saavedra enjoys spending time with his wife and son, and supports charitable programs such as Caterina’s Club and Self-Help Graphics.

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 1 - Are You Reliable [05/19]

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 2 - Alcoholic, trying to be Christian [05/19]

Alcoholic, trying to be Christian
Was in a church that later is a cult

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 3 - What is the soul [05/19]

Guilt, from past 
What is the soul

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 1 - Being in the background [05/05]

Being in the background
Working hard and feelng not being noticed. Trust that God does
Husband always listens to music. satanic. Where in the bible says he can't listen.
Jesus is son of god. aren't we all children of God

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 2 - Stories in the bible dont seem belivable [05/05]

Free will vs God.
Wants faith. stories in bible dont seem belivable.
Angels with women created giants and demons

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 3 - Husband is adopted. Birth mom is cruel to him. [05/05]

Husband is adopted. Birth mom is cruel to him.
Wife having afair after 8 months of marriage.
What day is the Sabbath. We honnor the wrong day

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 1 - Accountability [04/28]

Alone with no friends
Evil man repents on his death bed. 

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 2 - If heaven is perfect how did the devil fall [04/28]

John 14:14 Praying to be healed
Pets in heaven
Son works too much & his wife does nothing
If heaven is perfect how did the devil fall

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 3 - Is the antichrist a man or something else [04/28]

The Bread and wine on the Lords table
How does the devil know how to tempt me
Is the antichrist a man or something else
Can God hear prayers if I sinned

Jesus Christ Show | Hour 1 - The Devil Prowls like a Lion [04/21]

Exodus. How did Pharaoh chase Moses if God killed all the horses
Rich vs Poor. Is it fair they get rewards in both here and heaven
Can we walk on water with enough faith