With over four decades of combined broadcast experience, Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren are the dynamic duo bringing KFI fans an entertaining analysis on the latest news as it happens. From politics and science to technology and baby giraffe births - G&S cover some of the most interesting news and events that people love to know about.

Listeners tune-in to KFI-AM 640 for updates on what’s happening around Los Angeles and across the nation. Throughout the week, Gary & Shannon engage in fun conversations with fans on a range of subjects, including: Market Mondays (business news and personal finance stories), Tasty Tuesdays (food news and trends with The Fork Reporter), Watcha Watchin’ Wednesdays (what’s happening on the “small screen” in Hollywood), Tech Thursdays (technology news) + Strange Science, and Movie News (updates on current and upcoming “big screen” releases).

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