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(03/01) GAS Hour 1 - NorCal Storm

(03/01) GAS Hour 2 - LAPD Interim Chief

KFI’s Steve Greogry joins Gary and Shannon to talk about Mayor Bass appointing a new LAPD Chief. California is dealing with a shortage of 9-1-1 operators. #TerrorInSkies

(03/01) GAS Hour 3 - Swamp Watch

Swamp Watch.

(03/01) GAS Hour 4 - What’s Happening & #NineNewsNuggetsYouNeedToKnow

What’s Happening. ABC’s Jason Nathanson joins the show to talk about ‘Dune 2.’ #NineNewsNuggetsYouNeedToKnow.

(02/29) GAS Hour 1 - Biden & Trump Border Visit

Border Gary and Shannon start the show by talking about President Biden and former President Trumps border visits. The Supreme Court has agreed whether to Donlad Trump can claim presidential immunity over criminal election interference charges. The University of Georgia student Laken Riley reportedly called 911 before she was murdered by Jose Ibarra. A new weight loss trend has surfaced and its be labeled as ‘budget Ozempic.’

(02/29) GAS Hour 2 - Monster Blizzard

The California Sierra Nevada mountains are set to be hit with a ‘monster’ blizzard. Panera Bread is exempt from the California minimum wage law due to owners relationship with Gavin Newsom. Taggers in Los Angeles have openly tagged the Oceanwide Plaza skyscraper again.

(02/29) GAS Hour 3 - Swamp Watch & #TechTalk

Swamp Watch. #TechTalk

(02/29) GAS Hour 4 - What’s Happening & #StrangeScience

What’s Happening. #SmallBusinesShoutout with #StrangeScience.

(02/28) GAS Hour 1 - Biden Getting Annual Physical

President Biden is set to get his annual physical exam in Maryland. The Smokehouse Creak Fire in Texas has grown to more than 500,000 acres. The FAA spent almost a year investigating the safety of Boeing and what they found great. An expert from Anglia Ruskin University, says more women may be psychopaths than previously thought.

(02/28) GAS Hour 2 - Fentanyl Seizures

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that CalGuard seized62,224 pounds of fentanyl in California. Border Patrol agents are dropping up immigrants at the San Diego trolley station. California Sierra Nevada mountains are expected to be hit with a big snowstorm.