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(03/17) GAS Hour 1 - Xi Jinping To Visit Moscow

(03/17) GAS Hour 2 - SoCal Landslides, Sinkholes & Sewage Issues

Residents of a La Habra condo complex, who have been living with a massive sinkhole in their front yards since 2019, feel like they can’t catch a break as recent heavy rains have opened yet another sinkhole just feet away from the first one. After another major landslide in San Clemente, officials could issue evacuations ahead of the upcoming storm. KFI’s Steve Gregory joins us for a preview of this week’s episode of Unsolved.

(03/17) GAS Hour 3 - Swamp Watch

Swamp Watch.

(03/17) GAS Hour 4 - What’s Happening & #NineNewsNuggetsYouNeedToKnow

What’s Happening. #NineNewsNuggetsYouNeedToKnow

(03/16) GAS Hour 1 - Drone Video Released

The US military has released footage of a Russian jet crashing into one of its drones over the Black Sea. ABC’s Ike Ejiochi joins us to talk about Biden taking aim at ‘MAGA Republicans’ over Medicare. The Biden administration demands that TikTok be sold, or risk a nationwide ban.

(03/16) GAS Hour 2 - LAUSD Strike

KFI’s Kris Adler joins the show to gives us an update on a possible LAUSD strike. Californians shouldn’t put the rain gear away quite yet. March is expected to have more rain. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has second thoughts on remote work amid mass layoffs.

(03/16) GAS Hour3 - Swamp Watch & #TechTalk

Swamp Watch. #TechTalk.

(03/16) GAS Hour 4 - What’s Happening & #StrangeScience

What’s Happening. #SmallBusinessShoutout with LJ’s Lil’ Café. #StrangeScience.

(03/15) GAS Hour 1 - MQ-9 vs. Suk-27

A Russian fighter jet harassed and then collided with a U.S. drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday, forcing the U.S. to bring the MQ-9 Reaper drone down in international waters. ABC;s Em Nguyen has the latest on the Justice Department and the SEC probing collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. #TerrorInTheSkies.

(03/15) GAS Hour 2 - SoCal Rainfall

Southern California sees record rainfall as a new storm brings flooding, evacuations and power outages in Northern California.LA County DA George Gascon has filed charges against a Los Angeles elderly care facility over COVID-19 deaths. LAUSD unions set to announce timing of three-day strike that would shut down schools.