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Lou Williams was right. Magic City's kitchen is no joke!

Take us down to Magic City, where there's Catfish Nuggets and the girls are pretty. If you've been paying attention to the show lately, you'll know that our favorite story of the week has been Clippers player Lou Williams swinging by a strip club in Atlanta for some food.

Williams was allowed to leave the NBA bubble in Orlando to attend a funeral, but on his way back he stopped by Magic City Kitchen to pick up some wings. Of course everyone rolled their eyes, but people quickly came to Williams' defense and proved us all wrong.

It turns out, Magic City Kitchen has some pretty damn fantastic food. When the story came out, Shannon Sharpe jumped on Twitter to shoutout their Catfish Nuggets, which we cannot wait to try.

Laila Muhammad suggested that we reach out to the folks at Magic City, so Nick got on the horn and was able to get them on the show today! We spoke with Loma, who runs Magic City Kitchen and is also the business' Brand Manager.

Loma was so awesome and explained to us why Magic City is more than just a strip club. She likened the club to a cirque du soleil-type experience that is truly unique. We were already sold before we spoke to her, but now we can't wait to hop on a plane and get over to Magic City!

Just take a look at their menu. Now how good does all of that sound?

We've had listeners tell us on social media that we should do a News and Brews from there. We'd love it! Check out our interview below with Loma from Magic City:

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