John and Ken's Voter Guide - Winners & Losers Edition

John and Ken Voter guide- Results

Thank you to everyone who checked out or used our voter guide during the June 5 primary here in California! We had some big wins on Tuesday that sent a strong message to Gov. Jerry Brown and the rest of his cronies in Sacramento! 

Recall State Senator Josh Newman - Done and done! 

First up, let's talk about the big one - Josh Newman is OUT! We've been working hard on this recall for the last year-and-a-half so it's nice to see that we've finally taken the first step toward tipping the balance in Sacramento back toward real representation in the legislature.

It's still unknown who will replace Newman, but Republican Ling Ling Chang, a former assemblywoman, topped the field. We'll have more on this race later as we get closer to November.

Governor's Race - Newsom vs Cox: Because we told you so

In a result that pretty much everyone saw coming (except Villar), California's top two primary system left us with an actual viable option to prevent Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom from taking over for Brown and continuing his policies. Republican John Cox received 26.2 percent of the vote giving him the opportunity to go on to face Brown's golden boy in November. 

Of course, Villar cried foul at first after thousands of names were left off of voter rolls in Los Angeles county, but, considering all those people could have cast provisional ballots there was nothing preventing them from voting in the first place. Also, he was mathematically eliminated pretty quick after the rest of the precincts came in. Seems like Villar managed to figure that one out for himself, after he finally conceded late Tuesday night.


It was a wild night for ballot measures with voters deciding on five different issues. Four out of the five seem poised to pass, including a $4.1 billion bond measure to fund parks, water-quality and flood protection projects, and how to spend funds raised by the state's cap-and-trade program. 

So how'd we do? 

Prop 68 - California's gonna borrow money to spend on parks... again

About 55 percent of voters approved $4.1 billion in bonds to provide funds for purchasing and protecting wilderness and open-space areas. The money will also be used on constructing and repairing flood-control projects as well as drought prevention. Sounds great right? 

Only, we've been approving bonds and borrowing money to do this sort of already for years. There's plenty of money for parks and water control projects. All voters have managed to do is feed the pig another $4 billion. 

Prop 69 - The 'Lockbox' has been approved - Now, who's got the key? 

Well, voters approved the Lockbox. After SB 1 increased taxes on diesel and gasoline and imposed a new car registration fee, legislators wanted to make sure that the revenue collected would only go toward transportation-related expenses. 

But, as a regular John and Ken listener, you know that there are always 'holes' in lockboxes. Next step is to repeal the gas tax in November! 

Prop 70 - Because politicians like spending money

It was worth a shot and a good idea. The ballot measure was going to put funds raised by the sale of state greenhouse gas emission credits into a special fund that legislators could only spend if they managed a two-thirds majority vote in 2024. 

But there wasn't enough voters who understood what the measure would do to get it passed. About 57 percent of voters cast a 'no' vote on this one. 

Prop 71 - Props take effect five days following certified election results

Used to be that ballot measures that passed would immediately become law the next day. Now, propositions will become law five days following the Secretary of State certifying the election results. Nearly 77 percent of voters approved of this measure. 

Prop 72 - Capturing rainwater shouldn't raise your taxes

And pretty much everyone agreed. The prop was very popular with voters, passing with an incredible 83 percent of the vote. Good. Bout time Sacramento made life a little easier on homeowners. 

Attorney General - Xavier Becerra vs Steven C. Bailey - You win some you lose some

We endorsed Eric Early for this seat and still believe he would have been the best man for the job. But, Republican Steven C. Bailey managed to cobble together more than 25 percent of the vote, and he'll go on to face the current Attorney General Xavier Becerra in November. 

Insurance Commissioner - Steve Poizner vs Ricardo 'Cow Fart' Lara

Poizner performed really well at the ballot box on Tuesday, coming in first with more than 41 percent of the vote. He'll face off with Ricardo 'Cow Fart' Lara in November for the position. 

That's the big races for now. We'll be adding to this through the day as more information comes in about the various races around California. 

Tune in live today at 2 p.m. for a full rundown of California's June 5 election! 

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