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Jerry Brown signs cap-and-trade gas tax

Well, it happened again. Governor Jerry Brown hammered another nail into California's coffin. This morning he signed his cap-and-trade extension, which means all of us are going to get screwed even more at the gas pump.

Brown stood next to the water in San Francisco with dopes Kevin de León and Arnold Schwarzenegger as they spewed gas about how they're doing a great thing:

"You're here witnessing one of the key milestones in turning around this carbonized world into a decarbonized sustainable future."

This massive tax is going to hurt Californians badly. The coastal elites think they can force their ideology onto us, and they're getting away with it to.

How could 8 Republicans vote for this thing?! 

California has no effect on the climate, and acting like we're leading the world in some nutty religious movement is just absurd. Brown and the rest of the rich liberals won't feel the effects of this legislation, but the middle class will.

Middle class people who  commute everyday to provide for their families can't afford this, it's already hard enough to get by in this state!

What a disgusting bunch of creeps we have running Sacramento. They all need to go!

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