John and Ken's Voter Guide to the 2018 Primary

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May 7th is the first day for early voting here in California, so of course John and Ken have come up with their annual Voter Guide to help you separate the wheat from the chaff for the upcoming primary on June 5th. 

We've got propositions, candidates, and recalls to think about, so June's primary is NOT something you should forget about. It's our chance to send a real message to Gov. Jerry Brown and his cronies in Sacramento that voters won't be pushed around any longer by his tax and spend message. 

Prop 68 - NO 

Authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds for: parks, natural resources protection, climate adaptation, water quality and supply, and flood protection. Fiscal Impact: Increased state bond repayment costs averaging $200 million annually over 40 years. Local government savings for natural resources related projects, likely averaging several tens of millions of dollars annually over the next few decades.

Wait… are we really looking to raise taxes for Parks… again? You mean like we’ve done in just about every other election year over the last five years?

California has a lot of great natural resources, and a ton of money already to build them up. There is literally ZERO reason why we should borrow more money to improve parks when we already have plenty. The state’s debt load is already staggering and this only adds to the problem.

 Prop 69 - NO 

Requires that certain revenues generated by a 2017 transportation funding law be used only for transportation purposes and generally prohibits Legislature from diverting funds to other purposes. Fiscal Impact: No direct effect on the amount of state and local revenues or costs but could affect how some monies are spent.

This is a straight out scam on you. This is the Josh Newman “Lockbox” for gas and car tax money that will hide away your money. But as a John and Ken listener, you know from our interviews with Jon Coupal that there’s no such thing as a ‘lockbox’ - they’re always filled with holes. Vote NO. 

 Prop 70 - YES 

Beginning in 2024, requires that cap-and-trade revenues accumulate in a reserve fund until the Legislature, by a two-thirds majority, authorizes use of the revenues. Fiscal Impact: Beginning in 2024, potential temporary increase in state sales tax revenue, ranging from none to a few hundred million dollars annually, and possible changes in how revenue from sale of greenhouse gas emission permits is spent.

The GOP Cap and Traitors say this is their ‘compromise’ for their gas price hike vote. This might be a scam - however, it’s too early to tell. We won’t know for years.

 Prop 71 - NO 

Provides that ballot measures approved by a majority of voters shall take effect five days after the Secretary of State certifies the results of the election. Fiscal Impact: Likely little or no effect on state and local finances.

Politicians are trying to delay the effective date for ballot measures approved by the voters. This may be a sneaky way to get at the gas and car tax repeal.

 Prop 72 – YES 

Permits Legislature to allow construction of rain-capture systems, completed on or after January 1, 2019, without requiring property-tax reassessment. Fiscal Impact: Probably minor reduction in annual property tax revenues to local governments.

No one seems to be against this. The real surprise is the fact you couldn’t collect rainwater without it affecting your property taxes in the first place.

For Governor: 

John H. Cox

Democracy doesn’t mean one party-rule. Let’s try to make this more than just a two Democrat race. Vote John H. Cox for governor unless you want to see Newsom vs Villaraigosa on the ballot in November.

OK, so people are complaining, saying that we should have chosen Travis Allen. But believe it or not, we like to recommend the candidate we believe has the BEST shot of winning in November and for one, Cox is the only Republican candidate who has the resources available to take on the Democratic machine here in California.

Cox was ALSO the candidate who was actually able to do something about the gas tax. Not only did he help get the repeal going, he was also the reason why we're working on an amendment to the state constitution to keep those kind of shenanigans from happening again. And for John and Ken, the fact that Cox has the endorsement of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association is good enough for us.

For Attorney General 

Eric Early

Good man, good policies. This L.A. lawyer will protect Californians from overreach by the politicians in Sacramento. Plus, he really hates the gas tax!

For Insurance Commissioner 

Steve Poizner

This businessman and tech entrepreneur has actually already served as Insurance Commissioner for California (under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger). His opponent? Ricardo “Cow Fart” Lara.  If you don’t recall, Lara is the Assemblyman who decided it was a good idea to try and regulate greenhouse gas emissions tied to dairy cows and landfills.

Recall State Senator Josh Newman 

State Senate District #29

This is self-explanatory. Getting rid of Josh Newman will help tip the balance up in Sacramento and send a message to politicians that Californians won’t allow themselves to be unfairly taxed. Newman has proven he can’t be trusted in Sacramento!

Vote against GOP Assemblyman Chad Mayes 

State Assembly District #42

Vote FOR Bill Essayli in California's 60th Assembly District

This is another chance for voters to make things right up in Sacramento. Help even out the legislature a bit by voting for Bill Essayli, a gas tax critic who was just endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Oh and by the way, his opponent, Sabrina Cervantes is the Democrat who made a deal with Jerry Brown for her support on the gas tax!

Vote AGAINST Marc Steinorth for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors

It's another "cap and traitor" here trying to get yet another job - this time with the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. Steinorth wants another cushy government job and for voters to forget he was a gas tax traitor! No on Marc Steinorth!

Vote FOR San Bernardino County District Attorney

John & Ken fully endorse San Bernardino County Mike Ramos for re-election. Mike has been a major crime fighter and has pushed for the re-enactment for California's death penalty for years. 

Vote FOR Jeff Hewitt for Riverside County Board of Supervisors District 5

The Mayor of Calimesa Jeff Hewitt, is also running for a seat on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. We very much endorse Hewitt for this seat after his great work on changing the pensions to cost-saving 401K plans. Hewitt is also endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association which is a big plus for us! 

Vote FOR Janice Rutherford for San Bernardino County Second District Supervisor  

John and Ken fully endorse Janice Rutherford for re-election. Janice is a hard worker who has led efforts to balance the County’s budget and over the last 10 years, has worked to improve residents’ quality of life by introducing new parks, community centers, and a 93,000-square-foot regional library. 

Stay tuned, we'll be adding to this in the run-up to June's election! 

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