Democrats are already trying to divert road repair money

Jerry Brown rallied hard to get his gas tax passed.  And it passed, so why hasn't he signed the bill yet? Senate Bill 1 is a massive tax increase meant to fix our crumbling roads, but it looks like our fear is becoming a reality.

The billions of dollars won't go to road repair, it will get siphoned off and go to democrats' pet projects.

KCRA reports that Senate Democrats are looking to swindle $15 million to non-transportation projects:

  • $5 million for restroom repairs at state parks
  • $5 million to improve access for communities without parks
  • $5 million to acquire property for wildlife

Of course Senate Democrats deny any kind of fund diversion, but Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) thinks otherwise:

“It is absolutely a diversion of funds. And, it's a continued breach of trust of the Legislature to the citizens, who thought this money was going to go for all transportation.”

Meanwhile Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez has sent a letter the Attorney General Xavier Becerra, saying that Brown violated the state constitution by using side deals to win over Democrats on the fence.

This whole thing stinks. Why didn't Brown sign this thing as soon as the Legislature passed it? There is such blatant corruption in Sacramento, it's sickening.

Read more at KCRA.

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