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What Makes a Home, Homey, Part 2 | Hour 1

What Makes a Home, Homey, Part 2 | Hour 2

Dean advises a caller on removing rust from a toilet bowl. Dean talks about subterranean issues on a home's foundation and fixing a leaking drip system. Dean shares different ways of being able to contact him and Tina for a house consultation. Dean says the key to getting over remodeling confusion is to figure out how different inspirations make you feel. 

What Makes a Home, Homey, Part 2 | Hour 3

Breaking News: President Biden delivers remarks following assassination attempt of former President Trump. Dean wants to know how many emotional spaces one needs in a home. Dean says that when picking the right design for your home should help the feel of your home. Dean talks about the various styles of homes and how they are pre-written stories. Dean says colors, textures, landscapes, and shapes are part of emotional meaning and that they are a dynamic of architectural compounds. 

What Makes a Home, Homey, Part 1 | Hour 1

Dean talks about transforming your home into an extortionary home. He also talks about Karate Kid the film and the wax on and wax off theory. Plus, Dean talks about different types of homes from fancy neighborhoods to regular.

What Makes a Home, Homey, Part 1 | Hour 2

Dean talks about installation and keeping fresh, cooling air, bathroom and having running water and how it’s the physical shelter for a living person. He ventures into the conversation of  outdoor abduction kitchens and takes listener calls.

Outdoor Kitchens Part 2 | Hour 1

Dean continues to talk outdoor kitchens and provides the steps to get that outdoor kitchen without bursting a hole in your wallet.  Dean’s shares his go-to item: a simple kitchen - when out in the wilderness as its important to have a kitchen to cook a good meal. Dean says to  haven an idea of the types of foods you’d like to consume while out in nature so that you know what to bring along on the journey. Dean says that determining what and how to cook outdoors is also key. Dean says that a grilled smoker griddle or pizza oven are best for outdoor kitchen appliances to have. Plus, Dean helps a caller with a non-working toilet that backs up onto her jacuzzi and shower. 

Outdoor Kitchens Part 2 | Hour 2

Dean continues with calls; Dean helps a caller about adding a whole house water system in their home. Dean shares the differences between filtration and purification water and how it helps remove bacteria. Dean covers the rotisserie grill feature on the high-end specialty grills and the importance of space in the outdoor kitchen area. Also, how Dean enjoys a simple outdoor kitchen vibe due to the cost when it comes to outdoor cabinetry and talks about outdoor protection for outdoor kitchens due to the various climate conditions. 

Outdoor Kitchens Part 2 | Hour 3

Dean takes a call about trees and their roots causing damage to a porch. Dean talks about electrification and the new existence of electric grills. He also discusses about a free-standing sink for a great price as its grilling month and many stores have break-through sales for outdoor kitchen supplies. PLUS, the topic of aged coolers and how its another appliance to add-on to the outdoor kitchen set up for hot summer days. Dean discusses solutions on having the interaction of the cook and the guest; includes having multiple televisions and he explains the ninety-degree angle solution. 

Outdoor Kitchens Part 1 | Hour 1

Dean is talking outdoor Kitchens and the importance of staying cool in these hot temperatures. 
July is national grilling month and how great outdoor cooking has evolved throughout the years. Dean talks about backpacking and his upcoming trip to the Sierra Madre area, and the appliances he takes when camping or backpacking. Dean shares his piece of advice when it comes to building your outdoor kitchen. Also, learning what to cook when cooking outdoors. Plus, which equipment to have. 

Outdoor Kitchens Part 1 | Hour 2

Dean helps a caller dealing with a smelly laundry drain and finding the root of the issue. Dean breaks down the basic differences between barbecuing and grilling. He provides examples of the types of grilling and what it means to actually grill. He then goes into explaining what barbecuing means and his way of doing it. Lastly, Dean recaps the fundamentals of  both, grilling and barbecuing.