Home with Dean Sharp

Home with Dean Sharp

The House Whisperer

Dean Sharp was born and raised in Southern California and began employing his artistic creativity and passion for architecture as a carpenter in Bel Air; then as a Project Manager in Beverly Hills; and ultimately as a Design Director in exclusive Los Angeles neighborhoods from the Hollywood Hills to Malibu ... luxury homes where creativity is valued above all and craftsmanship is allowed to find it fullest expression.

In the early 90s he also managed a successful design/build contracting company which unfortunately was forced to close due to financial hardship amidst a difficult divorce. It was a harrowing time, but it inspired Dean to take on a new creative challenge—applying high-end design principles to mainstream homes in ways that everyday folks could afford. Or as he likes to say, “creativity over cost.” For the uniquely gifted home designer with a craftsman's hands and a philosopher's heart, it was a perfect fit.

Dean has "whispered” houses all across the country but spends most of his time happily at play in Southern California with his soul-mate, Tina, in a little house and a big life full of friends, food, dogs, chickens, bees, and a whole lotta love. For Dean, success means kindness, honesty, childlike wonder and an insatiable curiosity. Each week on HOME his warm and witty disposition instills confidence while his creativity inspires you to "Build yourself a beautiful life!" 

Dean can be heard on KFI every Saturday morning from 6 AM to 8 AM and Sunday mornings from 9am – 11am. 

Send Press releases, show ideas and emails to deansharp@iheartmedia.com



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