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Often Forgotten (And Rarely Explained) DIY Basics

Successfully handling projects around the house often comes down to little things... Like understanding some often forgotten and rarely explained basics!

Here's Dean's answers to some of the DIY questions you may have:

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How many turns until a threaded pipe is tight enough?

  • First of all … always use 2 wrenches! A fitting should cover at least the first ½” of threads. Hand tighten and then 1-2 turns more. Hint: pipe tape is ½” or ¾” … cover the tape.

How many wraps of thread tape and what direction?

  • Between 3 and 5 wraps clockwise.

How much glue on a black plastic ABS pipe? How many turns after gluing?

  • Apply an unbroken band of glue all around the fitting and the pipe. Push together and make a ¼ turn. A little glue should squeeze out.

How much glue on a PVC pipe? How many turns after gluing?

  • Same as ABS

How much wood glue on a piece of wood?

  • Apply a thin coat on both surfaces and let dry. Apply a second good bead, press together and clamp.

How many twists of a wire nut?

  • 1. Choose the right nut. 2. Strip the wires to the right depth. 3. Twist the nut on until it bottoms out, and then keep twisting until the wires twist around each other twice.

How many wraps of electrical tape is enough?

  • The general rule is to match or exceed the thickness of the wire insulation.

How big should a pilot hole be?

  • The diameter of the shaft of a screw without the threads, or just smaller than the shaft of the nail.

What do you do with a stripped wood screw?

  • Wood glue and either toothpicks or chopsticks.

How do you remove a busted light bulb?

  • Needle nose pliers or raw potato.

What do you do with a “mushy” receptacle?

  • Cut spacers from brake line hose

How tight should a switch plate cover be?

  • Snug the screws but don’t torque the plate. Otherwise, reset the depth of the receptacle itself.

How do you repair a damaged window screen?

  • Splining tool, spline and screen material. Block the edges of the screen frame before you spline. Otherwise they’ll curve and pull in.

How do you repair damaged lamp parts?

  • Get replacement parts from a lamp store! Lamp parts aren’t like any other pipe, thread or nut sizing.

How do you fix a jiggly door knob?

  • Look for the set screw.

How to tighten a loose faucet knob?

  • Look for the set screw.

How do you fix a loose hinge?

  • Longer wood screw to go into the trimmer.

How do you reattach loose carpet?

  • Buy a carpet knife and rubber mallet. Rent a kicker and a chisel.

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