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Design Predictions for 2022

Industrial golden pendant light and black furniture in a dark living room interior with floral wallpaper and a gray couch

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Dean's Design Predictions for 2022

Smart Home technologies really take off

Better UI (user interface) is causing homeowners to see the benefits of smart tech and grow more comfortable with using it.

Builders are beginning to embrace the benefits of minimal prewiring and replacing traditional wiring like 3-way jumpers with Lutron Casetta systems and Pico switches. Smart monitoring and safety systems - men Flo leak detection, SimpliSafe DIY security, Sense panel monitors, WiFi breakers, Ring doorbells, Ring Drone, Smart switches, plugs and bulbs

digital screen in smart home

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Quality over quantity

Minimalism is too extreme to EVER take over as the lead design trend. BUT as an outlier it is a powerful gravity well that is continuing to pull ALL design trends toward it. The result will continue to be cleaner lines, less busy designs, but far more emphasis on the quality of what remains. Quality of craftsmanship and quality materials leading to a better quality sensory experience.

The idea of buying furniture that lasts is back. Vintage pieces will continue to be in high demand because they’re green, meaningful, and the patina adds depth and character.

Perfectly Imperfect (Wabi Sabi design theory) continues to make ground

There is a growing faction of our society beginning to laugh at the so-called perfection images being projected into our psyches. Excellence, not perfection is the goal. Beautiful homes you can really feel comfortable living a real life in.

Pulling back from Open Concept

Extreme Open Plan design was already failing when COVID put the final nails in its coffin. From now on we’ll see a sane BALANCE between opening up certain spaces to create spaciousness whilst insuring we don’t open everything in order to maintain privacy.

Therefore, in addition to Open Plan areas and totally private areas we’re going to see the rise of Flex Spaces - dedicated spaces with multipurpose capabilities.

Interior of comfortable light bathroom with simple design

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Boring Bathrooms are Out

Small spaces are showcases.

More Native and Zone Appropriate landscape

Climate change is becoming visible to just about everyone. With this growing awareness, the message that we must work with our environment, not against it, is beginning to resonate with more and more land owners (Notice how I called you a land owner?)

Interior of living room with sofa 3d rendering

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Not the way grandma used wallpaper but as minimalism continues to pull us toward clean design the opportunity for bold accents grows. Nothing can create a bolder accent wall than a beautiful wallpaper print.

“Fast fashion” is out. Timelessness is in.

Natural untreated woods (meaning not without finishes but appearing to be raw natural colors) along with metal and stone are replacing fast fashion with longevity and timelessness, at least in terms of core materials.

Black is back. Black and white is out.

There’s nothing wrong with a well executed black and white farmhouse look. But it’s been seriously overdone and often done very poorly. So the market is correcting away from this fad. But … one good thing about it was it brought back black, and black is here to stay. Black lends a richness, sophistication, and powerful anchoring quality to any setting. Black is beautiful and it’s here to stay.

Wrap around bars and that weird sink cabinet are out, but drinks cabinets and drink carts are back.

Whether its spirits, cocktails or coffee and tea, dedicated libation centers add depth, beauty and a sophisticated welcoming relaxation to a gathering room.


Again … cleaner, less cluttered room designs leave more opportunity for floors to shine. And nothing makes a floor shine more than an interesting geometric pattern. Especially the classics, like herringbone, which dates back to the Roman Empire and solves all kinds of typical problems like plank direction decisions.

Touchable Textures

“Look but don’t touch” is out. Touching everything is in. Pleasing textural experiences include everything from pillows and throws to tile.

Biophillic Design

Having abused and neglected her for so long, the love of nature is here to stay.

“Landscape palettes” combine earth, plant and air colors. Windows open vistas and invite natural light into every space.

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