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Closet Secrets

Big wardrobe with different clothes for dressing room

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Can we speak honestly about your closet? It’s keeping secrets.

What secrets? Well, the first is one you actually know. Everyone knows …

#1: You probably don’t really need more closet space. You need less stuff.

No storage system can overcome having too much stuff, so …

#2: The healthiest way to think about your closet is not as a storage shed but rather as a temporary staging area for frequently used items

If you’re already struggling with space issues …

#3: Walk-in closets are the most luxurious but most inefficient closets. Reach-in closets are the most space efficient.

If you’re tempted to go all in on an elaborate closet configuration …

#4: Life changes, so should your closet.

Beware of “custom closet” companies …

#5: Don’t pay cabinet level prices for closet materials you wouldn’t want in your kitchen.

How to achieve a truly custom closet …

#6: Call your finish carpenter, cabinet maker, or use a truly modular system (ie: Elfa from The Container Store)

More secrets to trick yourself into purging …

  • Add one, toss two
  • Does it bring you joy?The Marie Condo system (Con Marie).
  • Wear it, turn it, wait 6 months.
  • Therapy

Closet dimensions:

  • min depth 24”
  • rod at 11-12”
  • Hangers typically 18”, xxl are 20”
  • rods at:
  • long hang: 68” long coats and dresses
  • med hang: 56” long skirts, shorter dresses, jackets, cuff hung pants
  • double hang: 42” and 84”
  • blouses and shirts require 1” rod space
  • pants and skirts - 1.5” rod space
  • jackets and suits - 2-3” rod space
  • shelves for clothes should be 12” apart
  • shoe shelves 6-7” apart
  • walk-in closet should be 5’ wide for single or L side and 7’ for double or horseshoe

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