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Design Essentials For Your New Shower

Close-Up Of Water Falling From Shower In Bathroom At Home

It’s time to talk about showers. There are several things you should consider when choosing the right shower for your bathroom. A curb-less shower is a great choice for style and spaciousness. It also offers improved accessibility for all ages.

There are a variety of drains to choose from:

Tiled cover
Wall drain
Woman standing in shower, cropped view of feet

Glass - Low iron glass is a great choice. “Clear glass” isn’t actually clear. By filtering iron oxide remnants, glass becomes about 7% brighter.

What about steam? Cost depends on size of unit - formulas for calculating wall material, room volume and surface areas.

Seats and Windows - Some more things to think about!

Shower heads, rain heads and spray wands :

Standard wall / rain head / spray wand combo … on mixer
Please don’t buy a cheap multi-function shower head … go Speakman style!
Body sprays: drip and stain and dribble

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