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Holidays in the Time of Covid

Happy extended family applauding during Thanksgiving meal at dining table.

Charles Darwin famously said it’s not the smartest or the strongest who survive, but rather those who are best able to adapt to new circumstances. So let’s adapt! The holidays aren’t cancelled…they’re just reimagined!

The essential issue ...TRANSFERENCE.

Shared air - how can we minimize breathing each other’s air?
Social distance
Air exchange
Surface contact
Hand washing
Exposure time


If you plan to celebrate the holidays outdoors this year, you will need to keep in mind the weather. If you have a fire pit, use it! Pay special attention to your clothing. Remember…layers! There are three layers you should wear: wicking, insulate and shell. Blankets are always a good idea. Just don’t share them!

Friends celebrating at party on rooftop


If you are going to spend your holiday time indoors, here are a few tips on staying safe:

Open windows
Air exchange & filtration
HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) on HVAC
Run whole house fan intermittently
Humidity - 40-60%
Keep it small

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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