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California Fireplaces

California is HOT! There's no question about that, especially right now...

So why do we even have fireplaces in California?! And why are they still being designed into homes?

It's because fire is powerful magic -- and always has been.

AND, it's kind of like your appendix!


Because it's a kind of vestigial organ for a house... We no longer need it to cook, light a room, or keep warm.

But for nearly 2,000,000 years now, we’ve gathered around fires to keep warm, stay safe from predators, tell stories, make friends, more easily access nutrients from food by cooking, extend our daylight productivity by bringing light into the darkness, and … reproduce.

Wood burning fireplace efficiency in California ranges from 10% to -10%. And gas log fireplaces -- with vents, ceramic logs and glass doors -- are around 50% efficient. Direct fireplaces run around 70 - 80%.

But keep in mind, ventless or vent-free fireplaces are not legal in California...

Have a fireplace you're not using? There's many options there too!

You can:

•Treat it like the 24/7 visual feature that it is!

•Paint it black

•Flush the hearth

•Or take it to the ceiling

No matter how you use your fireplace, or don't, there are many benefits.

So build yourself a beautiful life, around the fireplace!

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