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Real Estate: Pandemic Edition

There's no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic will go down in history, for many reasons... Not only is it now the world's most deadly disease, but it has also shifted our culture, in a major way.

Ever since COVID-19 hit, two-thirds of all U.S. employees have been working from home! And according to the Global Work Place Analytics, about 25-30 percent of the nation's workforce will permanently stay working from home, well into 2021...

As a result of this new work-from-home era, about 40% of employees say they have considered moving to less populated areas, citing fresher air and healthier environments. According to Redfin, searches for homes in these smaller towns are up 76 percent!

But the Spring Market has shifted to NOW!

Thanks to COVID-19, we are seeing some of the best interest rates, ever! It has become a seller's market, with very aggressive offers.

Over here in Southern California, housing inventories are at 60 percent of normal, with escrows at 135 percent of normal...

And because there are no open houses or multi-home tours with your realtor right now -- that just means you can do your real estate shopping -- virtually!

So while our post-pandemic future is still very uncertain, there does seem to be some enthusiasm when it comes to the real estate market right now! So take advantage of it while you can, and build yourself a beautiful, work-from-home life!

Check out NPR for more information on the booming home sales.

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