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The 21st Century Tool Bucket - Definitely Not Your Grandpa’s Tool Box

As we stay home, you may be interested in repairing a few things around the house. Lucky for you, the House Whisperer is here to share some advice on new tools he believes everyone should get!

First off, it's time to get rid of our tool boxes and invest in tool buckets. The list of tools and prices are below:

$4 - bucket

$10 - bucket organizer

$13 - Soft jaw Pliers: Once a specialty tool, now available everywhere

Basin wrench - $14 - A specialty tool that everyone should own

Rigid EZ Change Faucet Tool - $20

Torx wrench / Torx bits

Outlet tester with GFCI trip button - $10

Non-Contact Voltage Tester - $17

Self-Adjusting pipe wrench - $20

Laser Level - $60

Stud finder - $20-$70

Battery Powered Staple Gun - $90

Headlamp - $16 - 3400 lumens, red light, 50 hours, AAA batt

Cordless Electric Palm nailer - $119

To hear more, listen to Dean explain it all below:

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