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#KFISupportsSmallBusinesses: Hard Charger Training Center

Quarantine is rough. It's affected us in almost every aspect of our life. That doesn't mean it needs to change our workout routine. However for some, this extra time at home could also be the perfect time to START a workout routine.

That's why today we're highlighting our favorite gym in Southern California: Hard Charger Training Center!

This is a United States Marine owned and operated private personal training gym and boot camp in Thousands Oaks, CA.

According to Semper Fi Marine Miguel, a Hard Charger is characterized as someone who strives to be the very best at everything they do, giving 100% of themselves at all times.

Marine Miguel just celebrated the 7 year anniversary of the Hard Charger Training Center in Thousand Oaks, but 2020 also marks 11 years since the beginning of "Marine Miguels Boot Camp & Personal Training". Making them the longest running indoor fitness boot camp in the County!

Tina has been going to Hard Charger for years. She misses it dearly and recommends it to everyone interested in starting a new or continuing a healthy lifestyle.

Marine Miguel is so dedicated to his Hard Chargers. He hasn't let COVID-19 stop him from training. Every week day (Monday - Friday), he hosts a Instagram Live, @HardChargerTrainingCenter, FREE bodyweight only - follow along workout at 12:30 p.m.

But wait... there's more.

Marine Miguel and his wife Nina are offering something special exclusively for HOME with Dean and KFI listeners...


This is an amazing OFFER! You NEED to take advantage of it. All you need to do is provide your Marine Miguel your information and he will make a workout personalized to YOUR needs.


Hard Charger Training Center

Address: 378 E Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, California 91360

Phone Number: 818-538-MIGS (6447)

Website: /www.hardchargertrainingcenter.com

Facebook: @HardChargerTrainingCenter

Instagram: @HardChargerTrainingCenter

Twitter: @MarineMiguel

YouTube: @HardChargerTraining

You can listen to Dean's conversation with Marine Miguel below:

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