Karen Sharp From KOST 103.5 Joins The House Whisperer to Talk Hummingbirds

A big part of what we can do while we’re sheltering in place is work the garden! Something a lot of us say we keep wanting to do if only there was time. Well, now there’s time. Tomorrow we’re going to take a deep dive into the fun and importance of bringing birds back into our gardens but today I want to give you a special teaser/taster spoon of how powerful the experience of birds in the garden can be.

Earlier this week spoke with Karen Sharp, legendary host of Love Songs on the KOST on our sister station KOST 103.5 FM because she just happens to have a very special relationship with some hummingbirds, so give a listen …

Karen Sharp from Love songs on KOST 103.5 which normally airs Monday through Friday from 7-midnight but beginning Monday Love songs begins an hour earlier @6 pm because the world could use a little more Love!

Listen to the interview below!

Watch videos of Karen feeding the hummingbirds below!

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