Let's Talk About New Stuff!

The House Whisperer has decided it's that time of the year, we share new products and technologies that are changing the way we build and live in our homes.

It's an important to be in the know and constantly see if we can improve our home.

Here are the products we've mentioned on the show. To hear Dean explain what they do. Listen to the show below!

  1. CEA Brace Bolt enrollment is open until March 19th
  2. Engineered wood studs - TimberStrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) 2x4x8
  3. Fastfoot footing liners
  4. Smart Tint - electronically obscurable window film
  5. Rainhandler atomizing fin gutters
  6. Wine Away red wine stain remover
  7. Quickdrain USA invisible IN WALL linear shower drain
  8. Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner
  9. Wyze Cam HD wifi camera
  10. Coyote roller
  11. Low voltage flicker lamps for landscape lighting
  12. Inox privacy barn door lock
  13. National Fire Protection Association
  14. Little giant ultimate ladder
  15. Sonicare electric toothbrush charges in a glass
  16. Metabo multi-volt circular saw
  17. Smart lighting
  18. Halo Home series Bluetooth smart lighting
  19. LifX candelabra bulbs
  20. Phillips WIZ are inexpensive but aren’t compatible with Siri/Google/Alexa

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