Patio Covers Are Not As Easy As They Look

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California is built for outdoor living.

It's time we take advantage of lower building costs and use patio covers in our backyards!

First it's important to know the different types of patio covers.

10 Types (at least)

Awning - no legs

Pergola - open air, maybe no floor

Gazebo - covered roof & floor

Retractable Cover - $700 manual – $2500 motorized

Cable Shades - canvas cable canopies -

Umbrellas - wheels, tilt, offset stand, solar LED lights, misters, fans

Sun Room

California Room

Movable louvers

Trees - evaporation, updraft, shade

Shade is an important job of patio covers! Make sure it'll do its job - Do a shade study. Solar angle in So Cal is 80º in June and 32º in December. That's why it's important to make sure your patio cover does a proper job of shade.

Questions to ask yourself.

How does it interact with the prevailing winds

How does it effect light in the house?

Does it obscure the view? - from downstairs and upstairs

Where and how do you mount it?

There are also a lot of accessories you can add to your patio covers.

It can be lighting, fans, misters, heaters, or tvs.

For more information, please listen below:

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