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Decorating For The Holidays

We here at the House Whisperer Institute have identified Types of holiday decorators:

1. The Scrooge - bah humbug, early signs of Scroogism is a dark house on Halloween

2. The Minimalist - maybe a wreath,“How much is enough not be thought a Scrooge?”

3. The Martyr - aka: the Reluctant Spouse

4. The Traditionalist - aka: The Martha Stuart

5. The Religionist - mangers & menorahs, probably no Santa (Satan)

6. The Free For All - Santa visiting Jesus

7. The Innovator

8. The Competitor

No matter which one, there are a few tips that apply to how you decorate for the holidays.

Make you sure follow ladder and electrical safety.

Everyone loves their lights but your safety comes first!!

Also, please check the weather app before you start decorating. You DO NOT want to put the lights up if it is windy and/or it's raining.

Want to spice up your decorations with more than just lights?

Consider getting Garage Door Banners, Window Candles, Flickering low voltage LEDs, Animated lawn inflatables, Elegant Lawn figurines, White Laser “snowfall” projectors, LED “snowflake projectors”, Digital decorations, and Digital Projection Mapping.

Also, Dean suggests taking advantage of your backyard! Decorate it as well.

But Dean's biggest suggestion is getting a real Christmas tree.

Hear him out....

33 million farm-grown Christmas Trees are enjoyed each year in the U.S. Real Tree industry employs an estimated 100,000 people

Environmental groups consistently recommend using a real tree over a manufactured one. According to independent environmental impact studies conducted by the ACTA (American Christmas Tree Association) you’ll need to use that artificial tree for 9 years before it’s more environmentally friendly than 8 years of real trees

Real Christmas Trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. For every Christmas Tree harvested in the Fall, 3 seedlings are planted in the Spring

Several environmental health organizations warn consumers about potential lead dust and PVC of artificial trees. After Christmas, trees become mulch, habitat and erosion barriers.

93% of all Real Trees are recycled either in community programs or in someone’s garden or yard. Real trees are as safe as artificial - 0.001% of Real Christmas Trees used each year are ignited in home fires. About 200 for every 33 million tree.

For more information, please listen below:

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