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What's New About Homes in 2019?

We talk about our homes being stories but they are just one piece larger story of a community.

LA Times reported in August that Governor Newsom is calling for So Cal to build 1.3 million new homes in the next decade, 3.5 million statewide - far more than planned by cities.

Sacramento is leaning on a 50-year-old state law that every eight years requires cities and counties to plan for enough growth in their communities to meet projected population increases. They don’t have to build the housing, but they have to zone for it.

Millennials now make up between 40 and 50% of the real estate market.Yet Southern California housing inventory only 17% is within reach most millennial‘s.

California has more millennials per capita than anywhere else in United States. 10 million and counting.

Millennial‘s are not afraid of less

Millennials are not afraid of making the most of what they can get their hands on and putting in the hard work

Millennial’s are contemplating more and more what they want their communities to look like

They're just stuck in a market that's not in their favor.

But only do we not need more housing, we need better designs of home as well.

The House Whisperer believes that You can do with less lower quantity higher-quality. Not only the home but the community to be functional for your needs

Better engineering is a given, better art is not sheltering story. The longer the commute, the less walking, the less access, the unhappier the person

So California, take some notes! It's time to fix the crisis and make people happier.

A beautiful life starts with your home.

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