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The Benefit of Having Trees

The House Whisperer believes we can change Southern California by adding more trees.

Trees and vegetation lower surface and air temperatures by providing shade and through evapotranspiration.

Shaded surfaces may be 20–45°F cooler than unshaded

Evapotranspiration can help reduce peak summer temperatures by 2–9°

Besides that, there's potential cost benefits as well.

• Reduced energy use: Shade decrease demand for air conditioning.

• Improved air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions: They also remove air pollutants and store and sequester carbon dioxide.

• Enhanced stormwater management and water quality: Vegetation reduces runoff and improves water quality by absorbing and filtering rainwater.

• Reduced pavement maintenance: Tree shade can slow deterioration of street pavement, decreasing the amount of maintenance needed.

• Improved quality of life: Trees and vegetation provide aesthetic value, habitat for many species, and can reduce noise.

The primary costs of maintaining trees or other vegetation include purchasing materials, initial planting, pruning, pest and disease control, irrigation.

A five-city study found that, on a per-tree basis, the cities accrued benefits of $1.50–$3.00 for every dollar invested in trees.

Well established that good landscaping has a 110% ROI. HGTV reports that several recent nationwide surveys show mature trees in a well-landscaped yard increase the value of a house by anywhere from 7% to 19%.

Median home price of $550,000. 7% = $38,500. 19% = $104,000. So … the best ROI on your home is to buy a giant $15,000 specimen tree because it will double in value as soon as its in the ground

As you can see, having trees is beneficial!

For more information, listen to Dean explain it all below:

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