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Creating Light With Lamps

The importance of lamps goes under cover often. Most people confuse recessed lights and lamps but there's a HUGE difference.

What’s the most expensive way to light a room? What’s the least romantic way to light a room? What’s the common way most homeowners light a room? It's recessed lights but this needs to go away!!

We need to start embracing lamps in our home. Lamps are a critical element of design, setting mood in a big way since by definition they are the brightest items in a room.

Plus there are many types of lamps you can use. They are uplight lamps, downlight lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and desk lamps

There's a misconception with lamps though. There job is not to light up the whole room.

Part of the job of lighting design is to NOT light everything.

Shadow creates texture and dimension contrast,mood and focal points.

Now that we understand the importance of lamps, there are ways we can hide their cords. You can either route them down furniture legs with damage free adhesive hooks or tuck under an area rug but only if it’s not being walked on.

For more information, listen to Dean explain it all below!

As well, you can check out some of the creative lamp designs you could incorporate in your home below.

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