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The Stuff on the Ceilings


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If you came to this article to see how we can make you walk on your ceiling. I hate to break it to you but we don't have that answer yet. What we can do is explain how to maintain and understand what that stuff on our ceiling is!

" Looking up at the ceiling in an upside down world. I think it was so far away from anything my parents would ever think, it brought me comfort. Ceilings were kinda my safe place." - Dean Sharp

As Dean explains, ceilings are something that we've all stared at at one point in our life.

There so many factors to ceilings, it helps to understand them because believe it or not they can make your life better.

Having a ceiling fan can alter the design of your room greatly.

But they're kind of hard to put up.

The first thing you need to do is Mark the blades.

Place a numbered piece of masking tape on each blade so you don't loose track of which blade is which. Also try to use different colored tap on the tips to identify the blades as they spin.

After that Level the edges.

Measure the distance between each blade's leading edge and the ceiling If an edge is out of whack, try to gently bend the blade's bracket up or down by hand. Run the fan to see if the problem persists. Stand on a ladder away at eye level with the blades to see if the blades are all running at the same level.

Then you'll need to Try a balancing kit.

Buy a blade-balancing kit. Take the clip provided and place it in the middle of the trailing edge of the problem blade. Move it in and out until the wobble stops

If it's still not straight Add weights.

Using a piece of tape, temporarily secure one of the kit's self-adhesive weights to the top of the blade's centerline, in line with the clip. Remove the clip and see how the fan runs. If it works, stick the weight permanently. Do this on as many blades as necessary, until the fan runs smoothly.

Listen to Dean explain this and more all below!

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