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Tips On Living With Your Pets

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We all love our pets!

They are like family to us, but sharing a room with them can be ruff.

But it's pawsible.

Don't hold out on getting a pet because you're not sure how they'll live in your home.

It can be purrfect.

Okay, we're done. No more pet jokes. We had too.

So we gathered some tips for you, so living with your pets can be a smooth process for everyone involved.

When it comes to furniture, use slip covers, microfiber slip covers for sofas/loveseats and possibly aim for leather couches. They are easy to wipe down and recondition, doesn’t absorb odors.

When dogs bark nonstop, it sure does test our patience but there are things you can get to attempt to control it. They are an ultrasonic “dog whistle” collars, not citronella collars or behavior correction wand.

If your dog has a strong odor, rinse him with white vinegar.It might seem that you’ll be trading one strong smell for another, white vinegar does not leave a lingering smell once it dries. The Vinegar Institute recommends mixing 2 gallons of water with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to use as a deodorizing rinse.To treat: soak him well with plain water and pour the vinegar mixture over him. Be sure it gets into his coat. Don’t rinse him again, just dry him off; the doggy odor and the vinegar smell will be gone once he dries.

Cats evolved to absorb a large amount of water from their urine to maintain their hydration. This is also why you hardly ever see cats drink. Cats can visit the litter box as much as 5 times a day. Un-neutered Tom cats add testosterone to the urine and have the worst smell of all. Get a litter robot or litter spinner.

For more information, listen to Dean explain it below:

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