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D.I.Y Plumbing Repairs

Plumber Install Water Saving Devices In Home

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It's something we all have to deal with... so we might as well learn how to do it right.


I know, the horror.

It's gross and we rather pretend it's never happening to us, but let's be realistic it does.

So get ahead of the game and know what to do.

First off, there's a list of tools you'll need.

General Tools

• 4 types of wrenches-pipe, adjustable end, soft grip locking pliers, and basin wrench.

• Screwdriver

• Allen wrenches (hex - Allen is a brand name) in imperial and metric

• a plunger or two

Okay so, you got your tools...well there's still a general sense of supplies you'll need

General Supplies

• teflon thread tape (white for water, yellow gas)

• teflon pipe dope

With these tools and supplies you'll be able to finish these repairs.

• Low flowing faucet - aerator cleaning - What does an aerator do?

• Clogged Drains

• Silencing a running toilet

• Jammed garbage disposal

• Replacing supply hoses - toilets, faucets, washer/dryer

• Unclogging a toilet - the right plunger

• Replacing a sink sprayer

• Upgrading showerheads

• Dripping pipe joints

• Faucet replacement - basin wrench and soft grip pliers!

• Descaling the water heater

For more information, listen to Dean Sharp explain it all below!

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