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Making Your Home Safe And Sound

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Believe it or not only 17% of the 126 million homes in America have home security.


That number needs to go up drastically.

I know it seems unlikely that your home will be victim to burglary, but according to the 2012 FBI crime rate, 1 in every 36 homes were burglarized at a loss of $2,230 per home and a total of $4.7 billion in property losses.

The study also shows that homes with home security are 300% less likely to be burglarized.

The most discouraging things that prevent burglars are properties with signs of increased security – alarm signs, alarms, dogs, outdoor cameras or other surveillance equipment.

Before entering the house, 83% try to determine if an alarm is present. 60% would seek an alternative target if alarm was on-site and a high 81% would either retreat or consider retreating if alarm was discovered

What can we gather from these facts? Don’t panic, but make intelligent decisions.

So, what’s the best home security system?

With so many options available and so many ways of addressing a security concern. The key to the best value in security is knowing exactly what you want it to achieve.

Now that we live in the era of smart home technology, there are certain home security options that you can control all from your smart phone! They are:

1. Remote Home Monitoring

2. Smart Doorbells

3. Remote Garage Door Opener

4. Remote LED Home Lighting

5. Keyless Locks

If you prefer a more traditional type of security system. There are excellent home security companies out there. Everything from very old traditional companies like ADT (American District Telegraph Company, founded 1874) to 10 year old companies like Simpli Safe.

To hear more, listen to Dean explain it all below!

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