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Don't Let an Earthquake Shake You Down

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We've all heard the doomsday predictions. California WILL have a large earthquake, not IF, but WHEN. Experts say we're overdue for a "Big" one. OK, so the best thing to do is prepare. Get yourself, your family and your HOME ready.

First off, what do you do when it hits? Everyone seems to want to run outside or run for a doorway. Forget those. They are actually more dangerous than helpful and you probably wouldn't have time to travel somewhere, anyway.

Here's what to do:

STOP - don't try to walk more than 5 - 7 feet, just far enough to get away from windows or tall furniture

DROP - get your center of gravity low

COVER - protect your head

Dean talks with Janiele Maffei, Chief Mitigation Officer at the California Earthquake Authority.

They go over earthquake insurance and special programs to help get older houses retrofitted for shaker safety.

Listen to their conversation below.

Also covered in this comprehensive earthquake preparedness special, secondary issues and ways to minimize damage. Your home may be standing, but what about other things like gas or water leaks? Have you ever heard of a SeismoLatch? It may be your best shot to keep all your wedding dishes in the cabinets where they belong!

Brace and Bolt Program for Retrofitting Older Homes

For More Earthquake Info, Click HERE

The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety

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