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Increasing Your Home's Curb Appeal

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Our home is one of the most valuable things in our life.

We put so much effort into our home's appearance but there's a BIG part that many of us miss.

Curb Appeal.

What's curb appeal?

No, it's not the appeal of just your curb.

It's the outside appearance of your home.

It includes the design of your roof, walls, doors, windows and landscapes.

Curb Appeal is usually discussed by realtors but it’s experienced by you every day

#1 hurdle to overcome in improving your curb appeal is doing everything you can overcome your “house blindness.”

There's so many different ways you can amp your curb appeal.

Just don't neglect it.

It's the first thing people notice.

Every part of your house should represent you.

For more information on curb appeal, listen to Dean explain it below!

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