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Handel And The House Whisperer On Wabi Sabi

Memorial Day weekend is near....

But first, we get our favorite segment on the week!

Handel and the House Whisper come together to discuss a preview of Dean's show this week: Wabi Sabi!

NO, it's not your favorite sushi dish.

It's a new design idea that comes from Japan. It's known as a design aesthetic that mashes up informal, relaxation, and imperfection.

Wabi refers to living with humility and simplicity while being at one with nature, while sabi is defined as the ability to accept the lifecycle of anything as it is—flaws and all.

As well, Dean and Handel discuss how you can "adult" your swimming pool once your kids leave your home.

We all know swimming pools just sit there and no one swims in it but Dean has new ideas on how to change that.

Listen to their conversation below!

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