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#TrueCrimeTuesday - Rich Kids involvement in Arizona Killing

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This week on #TrueCrimeTuesday, Gary and Shannon discuss the latest development on an Arizona murder case. We now know that one of the Arizona teenagers accused of beating a 16-year-old boy to death reportedly confessed to being one of his attackers shortly after the murder.  

Talyn Vigil, 17, wrote on Snapchat that he punched another teen at the Halloween party where Preston Lord was killed by a gang known as the 'Gilbert Goons' - a group of wealthy white kids who have been terrorizing the Phoenix suburbs since 2022. He later tried to distance himself from the killing by pointing the finger at another teen, now also accused in the boy's murder, with a similar first name. 

Vigil was not charged for months after the horrific attack as the parents of several suspects were accused of trying to cover up the crime.  

Preston died after being brutally beaten outside a Halloween party last October and left on a road in Queen Creek, Arizona.  

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