Gary and Shannon

Gary and Shannon

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Nine Show Nuggets Of The Year

This week for our #NineNewsNuggetsYouNeedToKnow. We bring you our top ten moments from the Gary and Shannon show this year!

Honorable Mention - Ray Lopez shares his love for Neil Diamond  

9 - Beer Thug Brewing founder Edgar Preciado and Head Brewer Stephen Andrade.   

8 - Death of Hamitar

7 - Ukraine Folk song “Bayraktar”  

6 - Victor eats: One Chip Challenge, Hot Dog Popsicle, McRib, and Skyline Chili

5 - News and Brews at Bravery Brewing and Luchador Brewing

4 - Shannon and hoe to pronounce Zzyzx. It's a Regionalism! 

3 - Shannon gets Covid in April 

2 - Gary Bat Grunge Song

1 - Booty Song

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