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#TastyTuesday - Mexican Pizza Back At Taco Bell and $74 Truffle Cheesecake

#TastyTuesday sees Taco Bell's Mexican pizza making a permanent comeback to its menu. After struggling sales of Taco Bell's take on pizza, the dish was curbed in 2020 which was met with an upswell of online support for the Taco Bell Mexican pizza to stay.

Earlier this year Taco Bell decided to bring back the Mexican pizza for good and even announced a plan to make a musical about it. Since the return of the popular pizza spinoff in May, it sold out virtually all over the country. This caused the Mexican pizza to yet again be pulled from Taco Bell's menu, and the musical has sadly been postponed.

The official re-return of the Mexican pizza is planned for September 15th, 2022. Will Taco Bell also one day bring back the Choco Taco?

Celebrity chef Jose Andres' new restaurant called San Laurel inside the Conrad Hotel is serving $74 cheesecake. The cheesecake is normally $24 but if you go for the Truffle add-on it'll be an extra $50 bucks. You could even add an $8 scoop of guava sorbet making the dessert a total of $82.

How much would you pay for a really good cheesecake?

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The famous candy-maker Hershey fears it won't be able to meet Halloween's demand for its assortment of tasty treats. Due to supply chain issues and trouble tracking down ingredients Hershey claims they had to prioritize "everyday on-shelf availability," over the Halloween holiday.

What's your favorite Halloween treat?

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Vernon, Texas is changing its name to Bacon City, USA for a weekend in September. They will announce one lucky hopeful as the mayor of Bacon City and that person will win a lifetime supply of bacon along with some other perks.

Could Shannon become the new mayor of Bacon City?

A North Carolina Chik-Fil-A restaurant is coming under fire after asking folks to volunteer as workers for its drive-thru. The catch is they would only be paid in chicken sandwiches.

National Mustard Day is fast approaching and French's Mustard is going to give away mustard-flavored doughnuts on August 6th.

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