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World Chimpanzee Day!

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To celebrate World Chimpanzee Day Gary & Shannon are joined by Erika Fleury the Program Director of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance (NAPSA.)

NAPSA is a group of 9 of the leading primate sanctuaries on the continent who care for over 800 rescued primates, including over 725 chimpanzees! In 2018, NAPSA co-founded World Chimpanzee Day and now are celebrating their 4-year anniversary. NAPSA is leading the rescue effort to rehome the 41 chimpanzees that were left with LA's Wildlife Waystation, named “Chimpanzees in Need" they have raised close to $4M and rehomed 30 chimps.

They have 11 Chimps left to rescue, and they can send them to “Chimp Haven” in Louisiana by the end of this year if they raise enough! They need to raise less than $860,000 to close out the campaign. This is a joint effort of CA Department of Fish & Wildlife, chimp experts, and partner sanctuaries. Dr. Jane Goodall is supportive of our effort, and a documentary, Documentary - A Checkered past, has been made with Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara.

Erika talks about the 11 chimps who remain

  • There are identical twins, one who has been the source of elaborate escapes more than once, and the other one is so responsible that she can be asked to hand over objects that are dangerous.
  • Another chimp likes to trick others by racing over to look at something imaginary, then stepping back to happily watch others trying to investigate what was so interesting!

Learn More and Donate HERE, also checkout their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Documentary- A Checkered past

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