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Mike Tyson Says This Psychedelic Drug Inspired His Return to Boxing

Fresh off the heels of Saturday's exhibition, many are wondering exactly what it was that got Mike Tyson interested in fighting again...

And according to Tyson, toad venom was part of what helped the fighter get into shape and back in the ring!

"I took the medicine, and the medicine told me to get into shape,” Tyson told USA Today. “It really blew my mind. It told me to come back and start getting in shape.’’

The psychedelic (5-MeO-DMT) that's found in the Colorado River toad can also be found in certain plants, or even made synthetically in a lab.

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Made from the venom of a toad in the Sonoran Desert, the psychedelic is said to be six times more potent than other hallucinogenics. But according to the Addiction Center, toad venom is not a recreational drug, and they are now warning the public that it would not be safe to use at parties...

"Smoking toad venom has recently become a way for people to partake in a so called “religious experience” where the psychedelic venom from the Colorado River toad causes the user to trip and hallucinate," the website states. "Some say it can cure depression, but other research shows it can be addictive and dangerous."

Check out more details on USA Today.

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