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#SmallBusinessShoutout - Sotta Mediterranean Kitchen & Coffee Bar

It's no surprise that those of us in radio like to eat. The staff here at KFI is constantly looking for really good local fare to sustain us while we work our sometimes long shifts (Election Night anyone?)

Well, one of our favorite local restaurants is a mediterranean place that's just up the street from our studios, Sotta Mediterranean Kitchen & Coffee Bar, so we wanted to feature them in our #SmallBusinessShoutout feature, brought to you by SoCal Edison.

Every single time we bring food in from there, the staff goes nuts. From delicious kabobs with rice and grilled veggies, to wraps, salads, hummus, crafted coffee blends and delectable desserts, Sotta has you covered whether it's a single or family meal, or catering for a full staff.

So we reached out to one of Sotta's owners, Mike Fahim, to join us to talk about the restaurant and how they're faring amid the Covid crisis.

Mike owes his culinary aesthetic to all parts of the World, he is the owner of two of the most popular Mediterranean restaurants in the city, Sotta and Sidewalk Grill, and has recently taken over the Beachwood Café. 

Mike wants his diners to take pleasure in quality ingredients while enjoying moderinzed dishes that stay true to signature flavors of the Mediterranean. Sotta's menu showcases chicken, seafood, filet and lamb in traditional Mediterranean dishes as well as innovative creations that blend cultures and modern techniques.

Mike and his co-owner Arman Pogossian's vision...." to weave food, wine & coffee into one harmonious ambiance."

Check out Sotta's website, where you can order online for pick up or delivery. Or, if you're interested in their catering services, CLICK HERE .

If you prefer to dine on the outdoor patio at the restaurant, stop by 2009 W. Alameda Ave in Burbank. They're open daily from 10am-9pm.

Follow them on Instagram at @sotta_la and Facebook.

Listen to Gary & Shannon's interview with Mike Fahim.

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