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Need to relax? Try hugging a cow

Move over goat yoga and forest bathing, there's a new relaxation technique to try. Cow hugging. According to the BBC, a practice in the Netherlands known as “koe knuffelen” is growing in popularity around the world.

The Dutch term literally means "cow hugging." If you're going to hug a cow, start out by touring the farm you're on before resting up against a cow for 2-3 hours.

Yes, 2-3 hours. Relaxation takes time. The warm body temperature of the cow coupled with its slow heartbeat and big size can be a soothing experience for both you and the cow. You could give it a backrub, take a nap up against it, or even let the cow lick you.

These are all part of your therapeutic cow encounter. Or should we say, encownter. There are no wrong things to do here, expect maybe tipping the cow over. Do not tip the cow over.

Cuddling cows can help reduce stress due to the oxytocin released in your body. You could always cuddle a cat or a dog, but it's believed that the bigger the animal the bigger the benefits.

So get out there, find yourself a cow, and get cuddling! We discussed it below. Read more at BBC.

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