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#Propositioned - Kris Ankarlo breaks down Prop 20

KFI News' Kris Ankarlo joined us once again this morning for some "hot prop talk." He helped us understand Prop 20, which is the "Criminal Sentencing, Parole, and DNA Collection Initiative."

A YES vote would make changes to Props 47 and 57, as well as AB 109. AB 109 moved non-serious and non-violent offenders from state prisons to local jails, while Props 47 and 57 changed the definitions of certain felonies and violent crimes.

According to Ballotpedia, here's what a YES vote would do:

Add crimes to the list of violent felonies for which early parole is restricted
Recategorize certain types of theft and fraud crimes as wobblers (chargeable as misdemeanors or felonies)
Require DNA collection for certain misdemeanors

A NO vote opposes everything the YES vote stands for. There's a lot to get into, so let's let Kris do the explaining. Listen below!

We also found video from 2012 when Kris was on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." The man knows a lot of stuff!

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