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The News and Brews Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!

Happy Friday! Thank you all so much for watching our very first virtual News and Brews today. Click here to see interviews with all of the breweries featured on today's show.

We also hop you enjoyed the Nine News Nuggets. Here they are in case you missed them!

Honorable Mention - Renovated Lizzie Borden house on the market, again

9 – West Virginia Man Ordered To Pay More Than $14,000 In Restitution After Dumping Asbestos In Forest

8 – Romanian villagers re-elect mayor despite his COVID-19 death

7 – Lottery winner out of luck when ticket gets lost in mail

6 – Giant pumpkins smash Utah state record at weigh-off in Lehi

5 – Woman who is “drunk at Kroger daily” gets in fight with another person

4 – Family finds squirrel in toilet

3 – Salmonella outbreaks in multiple states linked to pet hedgehogs, bearded dragons

2 – Troublesome South African baboon evicted for raiding homes

1 - Authorities use pear to entice, capture escaped emu

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