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Gary's had TWO bats in his house this week . What's going on?!

On Sunday evening, Gary texted the crew that there was a bat flapping around his living room. We've heard of bats getting into people's houses before, and of course we all told him the same tired jokes.

Oh, you better get a rabies shot! Watch out, if you get bit you may transform into a vampire! Do you live underneath Wayne Manor? You know, all the typical stuff you would say to a person with a bat in their house. Anyway, Gary was able to get the bat out safely and we all moved on with our lives.

But last night, a second bat flew into the house! It could've actually been the same bat, but what are the chances of that? Gary doesn't live in a dark cave where he broods all day amongst bats, he lives in a normal home. Yet somehow he's had two bats flap around him and his family twice in one week!

During the second bat encounter Gary needed to get his wife's laptop. Unfortunately the laptop was in the room where the bat was reigning terror upon his family, so Gary just put his head down and walked with purpose into the room. He snatched the laptop and got out of the room just fine.

So how are these bats getting in? Gary admitted sometimes he leaves the sliding door open, and that's probably how they flew inside. Close the damn door! You're gonna let bats in!

If you want to hear the full tale, listen below!

We would also like to show you this video on bats from LA County Public Health. Side note, Steve Gregory is a big fan of the strange Renaissance-style music playing underneath. We like it too.

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