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It's time for wine and the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!

You know what pairs well with news nuggets? San Simeon wines! We've got wine, we've got nuggets, and we're ready to serve them all up to you! Here are the Wine and Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!

Honorable Mention - Flat-Earthers seek edge of the world but end up on island off Sicily

9 - When the runway lights failed, Alaska residents used their car headlights to land a medevac plane

8 - Lesbian penguin 'super moms' welcome chick at Spanish aquarium

7 - Oregon hunter, 66, gored to death by bull elk he had shot and injured with an arrow the previous day

6 - Southwestern Minnesota man rescued after being pinned under tree for 4 days

5 - Albany man rescued from Lake George by priests on a floating tiki bar

4 - Man arrested for going through Taco Bell drive-thru naked, said clothes were in washer

3 - Woman takes a walk on aircraft wing after feeling ‘too hot’ inside

2 - Ohio woman calls police over phallic-shaped meat in stew, prompts investigation with medical examiner's office

1- Woman bites husband’s penis after he refuses to kill rat in their home

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