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#TechTalk - Stay away from phony Facebook friend messages!

If you've received Facebook messages offering free Coronavirus test kits, hand sanitizer, or even stimulus checks, don't fall for them! It's a scam!

Marc Saltzman's latest piece in AARP sheds light on a number of scams making the rounds through Facebook Messager. He writes that as of August 30th, Americans have lost more than $124 million to coronavirus-related fraud schemes. Here's how the scams go down:

"You might receive a note from someone over Facebook Messenger, but really it's a scammer who has hacked into your friend's account. The note might contain a link to a legitimate-looking site that asks you to log in to view safety information from United Nations officials or doctors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
It's phony. If you type in the personal information requested, your identity could end up stolen. (Note: Links from Facebook's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center, which AARP contributes to, are always free and don't require readers to sign in.)

Never trust anything online! Even if it's legit, always use caution. You can click here to read Marc's full AARP article.

On a lighter note, Marc's also got some nifty and thrifty back-to-school items you can find at dollar stores! From USB mice, to reading clip lights and HDMI cables, Marc's got good deals on cool stuff!

Click here to see his back to school article, and listen to his latest #TechTalk segment below!

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