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Spreading Positive Vibes with OC musician Jim Quealy

Credit: OC Health Care Agency

We're living in some pretty tough times, but with the power of positivity maybe we can start turning things around! The Orange County Health Care Agency just launched it's #SpreadPositiveVibes campaign, "designed to save lives by spreading positive vibes throughout the community…instead of spreading COVID-19."

Today Mo'Kelly spoke with local OC singer/songwriter Jim Quealy, who's teamed up with the Spread Positive Vibes campaign. Jim grew up in Long Island and started writing songs and playing in local bars in 1971.

He's lived and performed in New York City, Nashville, Los Angeles and even London! Now he calls Orange County home and has been performing at Captain Jack's in Sunset Beach for 28 years.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown started in March, Jim's been playing shows online every Friday and Saturday from 6-10pm. He fields requests by himself or is sometimes joined by his wife Nola Shepard. To check out Jim's videos click here to visit his Facebook page!

You can also check out Jim's interview with Mo'Kelly below and learn more about the #SpreadPositiveVibes campaign!

Over the next few weeks we'll be speaking with more OC celebs about what they're up to and how we can all spread positive vibes. Here's who we've got coming up:

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