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Spreading Positive Vibes with OC Pro Surfer Courtney Conlogue!

Credit: OC Health Care Agency

We're living in some pretty tough times, but with the power of positivity maybe we can start turning things around! The Orange County Health Care Agency just launched it's #SpreadPositiveVibes campaign, "designed to save lives by spreading positive vibes throughout the community…instead of spreading COVID-19."

We could all use some positive vibes, right? To help kick things off this week Santa Ana local professional surfer Courtney Conlogue joined Bryan Suits to discuss what she's been focusing on right now, the important causes she's working on, how she's spreading positive vibes in her community.

Unfortunately because of COVID-19, many of Conlogue's plans have been put on hold:

"Right now we're in an intermission with our tour, so I've been spending time at home and spreading positive vibes."

This Saturday August 29th, Conlogue will paddle 32 miles from Huntington Beach to Catalina Island to raise money for Feeding America and A Better Chance, an education program that helped her and her sisters while in high school.

In addition to raising money for good causes, Conlogue sees the paddle as a way to overcome recent injuries that affected her both physically and mentally and kept her out of the water for months.

Check out Courtney's interview below, and learn more about her paddle this weekend! You can follow Courtney on Twitter @NeonBoHo

Over the next few weeks we'll be speaking with more OC celebs about what they're up to and how we can all spread positive vibes. Here's who we've got coming up:

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