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The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!

This was a pretty good Friday. Our Technical Director and KFI Employee of the Month Jacob Gonzalez made us some fantastic Bloody Marys to enjoy with our nuggets.

There are plenty of them to go around so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Honorable Mention -Golfer eliminated from US Amateur after his caddie gets into the bunker to test the texture of the sand on the 18th hole 

9 –NASA to stop using racist nicknames for cosmic objects 

8 –Some Villagers not ready for adrenaline rush of crossing golf cart bridge 

7 –New Zealand wizard insists reports of his retirement have been greatly exaggerated 

6 –Library finds beer and gum stash from ’80s hidden in shelves 

5 –Homeless man lived in Al Lang Stadium luxury suite for two weeks, police say 

4 –Walk among the kangaroos at Cincinnati Zoo's new exhibit — no glass or barriers 

3 –Bison knocks a woman unconscious, drags her across a road and rips off her pants after she crept up to a calf to take photos 

2 –Online law students 'had to use bucket toilet' in exams 

1 -Toronto strip club employee may have exposed more than 500 people to COVID-19 

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