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The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!

Today's Friday, and you know what that means? That means it's time to whip out your dipping sauces because we have The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know! They are hot, they are juicy, and they are ready for your consumption.

Here we go!

Honorable Mention - Did you recently hear that NASA changed the zodiac signs? Nope, we definitely didn’t…

9 - Protests in Michigan after student jailed for not doing online schoolwork

8 - Dutch museum opens contagious diseases exhibit after Coronavirus delay

7 - Iceland is broadcasting the world's screams to relieve Coronavirus stress

6 - Teenagers are dressing up as mask-wearing grandmas to try to score alcohol

5 - Pregnant Florida woman punched in face at gender reveal party

4 - 2 arrested after fleeing police and crashing into cow north of Topeka

3 - News Anchor's Tooth Falls Out On-Air, and She Doesn't Miss a Beat

2 - Body found by railroad tracks turns out to be sex doll

1 - Graffiti on monument commemorating Nazi SS division being investigated as a hate crime by police

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